BevOps (RPA Solution)


Neebal’s capabilities will help you outsource business processing which is cost-effective, increases efficiency and is able to transact higher volumes. These together fosters your organizational shift towards RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and helps you to automate routine. Neebal’s RPA Solutions are carefully structured to help you integrate with knowledge based systems to drive a trans-enterprise transformation. The end-to-end RPA solutions enable you to apprehend current automation levels and find opportunities to reduce operational costs. We developed an RPA solution that addresses one of the many challenges that the beverage manufacturing industry faces - ensuring complete transparency across the delivery chain is probably the most critical. Applying our doctor’s attitude to this issue, we developed a BevOps solution that could address these issues and more.

Pain Points

Tedious inventory management: Inability to maintain data accuracy across multiple locations and varying stock keeping units (SKUs).

Data security: Ensuring data security by enabling access to only the necessary personnel.

Lack of automation: Since data comes from multiple locations and sources, mapping needs manual intervention.

Solution Details

Neebal identified this gap and its underlying nuances by applying its doctor’s attitude and developed BevOps. BevOps is an easy-to-use system that effectively manages beverage sales operations, simplifies inventory management, data collation (stock), global SKU mapping, demand forecasting and much more. Easy access to role-based creation, viewing, editing and deletion of data. Get simplified automation of primary and secondary sales data based on SKUs and regions. With BevOps, we enabled beverage manufacturing companies to transform the possibilities of having a completely transparent sales operations management platform into reality.


All inclusive portal: portal to assign role-based user access for improved efficiency.

SKU mapper: Analytics of SKUs irrespective of different nomenclature across regions.

Data unification: Automated data unification and syncing for primary and secondary sales.

Valuable insights: Improve sales performance by providing actionable insights to the field force.


Simplified inventory management: Simplified inventory management, data collation (stock), global SKU mapping, demand forecasting and more.

Simplified stock Mapping: Regional SKU mapping and retailer FLS mapping for respective states.

Enhanced security: Supports role-based creation, viewing, editing and deletion of region-specific data.

Improved data automation: Reduce costs by automating primary and secondary sales data consolidation.

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