H2O Works


Neebal tapped the underlying problems of companies’ inability to track their field force’s movements and developed H2O Works - a field force tracking app that uses adaptive intelligence to improve workforce performance and increase sales revenue.

Pain Points

Lack of visibility on field force: Companies were unable to know the areas and customers covered by their field force.

Inability to share real-time updates: They also faced issues communicating with their field force in real-time.

Field force wasting time on unproductive activities: The field force had to travel to office to enter attendance, meeting updates, reports and other administrative tasks.

Solutions Details

H2O works enabled companies to transform possibilities into reality by facilitating collaboration, bringing together all the stakeholders in the revenue generation process (C-level executives, salesforce, line managers, distributors, retailers, etc.), allowing users to plan, meet, pitch, and sell intelligently. H2O Works is device and network agnostic and has applications across organisations irrespective of their industry.


Multi-purpose manager: Manage customers, products, attendance and leaves from a single platform.

Data capture: Record inventory and competitor data along with customer visit details.

Inventory management: Real-time inventory management for better sales visibility and planning.


Insightful analytics: An adaptive intelligence platform with trend engines and predictive analytics to help optimise key performance indicators.

Intelligent dashboard: The admin panel helps to configure organisational setup within a short period. It also helps in measuring sales performance and tracking agents on the map.

Cost effective: Save your company cost by allowing the sales workforce to use the application on Android smartphones and boost sales productivity.

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