Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare


While the Pharmaceuticals industry is busy developing the latest drugs to improve global healthcare, they still have to deal with cumbersome internal processes. Neebal has successfully assisted pharma companies across the globe with hi-tech services and solutions to simplify their processes so they can focus on what they do best.

Industry pain points

Application overload: Users feel lost among multiple business applications without a single interface to access them all.

Application modernization: Inability to modernize applications based on legacy systems.

Inefficient processes: Allocating dedicated teams for manually paperwork, checking data integrity, data management leading to human-induced errors.

Non-compliance: Escalating losses due to non-compliance with regulatory authorities.

Neebal’s expertise

Our solutions enable global pharmaceutical companies to streamline their operations and connect with the end-users more effectively. We have significant experience working on complex problem statements and providing solutions that enable companies to comply with government regulations and enhance productivity.

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